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Portable Dishwashers - Available in Countertop, 18" and 24" Size!

Portable dishwashers add dish cleaning resolve, solving the burden of having to wash dirty dishes by hand. If your kitchens doesn't include a built-in dishwasher (which is often the case in small kitchens) several portably designed models, even countertop dishwashers, are an excellent solution!

Below we have included the most popular portable dishwashers. Expect to spend more for added capacity. A four place setting portable dishwasher will cost between $100 to $200's. For one that can clean six place settings the cost is between $200 to $300. Best brands which have been determined by excellent consumer reviews include: Edgestar and Koldfront. Stainless steel and Black model choices.


Edgestar Portable Countertop Dishwasher

4 stars out of 5
-(43) customer reviews
-Holds up to 4 Place settings
Price: $199

This dishwasher with digital controls has a stainless steel interior with included dishrack and silverware holder. Easy to use mechanical controls and quick connector adapted for most kitchen faucets. Easy to use!

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Low prices, great selection!

Typically designed on a set of wheels or casters appliance manufacturers like: Danby, Haier, Kenmore, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Equator, GE, Inglis and Maytag include one or several portable options.

You can buy a portable 24", 18" or countertop model. These dishwashers are designed to be hooked up to a faucet and to drain into a sink. Hook up is easy:

  • attach the included connectors to your sink
  • plug in
  • turn on the water
  • run

Essentially, you can tote your dishwasher to any sink as long as there is electricity.

Portable models:

  • Countertop: Where dishwasher size is a concern, Danby makes a countertop dishwasher the size of a microwave. They also make an 18" portable dishwasher that can clean up to 8 place settings, and be conveniently stored in the closet when not in use. Danby's countertop model features a window for viewing dishes, stainless steel interior and can wash up to 4 place setting. (These compact models are great for RV and boat use, or for those who don't soil many dishes).

  • 18 inch: Haier, Kenmore, Equator and Frigidaire also manufacture 18" dishwasher models. Features such as: delay start time, adjustable racks and tines, wash cycles and noise will vary from one brands and model to the next. Be sure to take into account your ultimate clean up needs before buying.

  • Unfortunately, choosing a portable 18" dishwasher will not necessarily save you money over a portable 24" machine. However, if a compact unit is what you're looking for, choose a quality brand with the features you desire.
  • 24 inch: These portabes are the same size as standard built- in dishwashers. The portable-models also offer comparable loading capacity and features. However, these machines are great where space is limited. And the portability makes it easy for you to whisk the appliance into the kitchen when it's time for dirty dish clean up!

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