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Portable 18" Dishwasher - Brands and Information!

A number of manufacturers make portable dishwashers. If you are looking for a portable 18"dishwasher take a look at the following brands: Danby, Equator, ge, Frigidaire, Kenmore and Haier.

These dishwashers are mobile and generally include either casters or a set of wheels. To run, portable dishwashers are designed to be hooked up to the faucet and drain into the sink. Many of these 18" units include a countertop, making it convenient to handle kitchen tasks. Also, the surface area is nice for cutting and preparing meals. When not in use, these slim-sized dishwashers can be conveniently stored in a closet or underneath the stairs. Typically the 18" dishwashers can handle around 8 place settings. Perfect for some people!

Note: You may be thinking that an 18" dishwashing machine is going to be cheaper than a standard 24" built-in. Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to, "a portable model is usually similar to the same manufacturer's mid- to low-end built-in model, in terms of features and performance."

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