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Miele dishwashers - When you're looking for the best!

Miele measures in as the BMW or Mercedes of the appliance world. With a reputation for being among the world's quietest dishwasher, (Asko dishwashers too) Miele dishwashers are in a league of their own. And not just for performance, which Miele excels in, but also for style.

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An appliance with style

Consider the ability to put your own cabinet front on top of a Miele Incognito Series Dishwasher. This top price series, Incognito; features dishwashers with seamless fronts where the control panel is hidden on the top edge of the door. This effect makes it possible for you to match the style of your kitchen cabinetry, keeping an integrated look and enhancing décor.

For another stylish option, the Miele Anniversary Platinum Touchtronic is a hot seller. This dishwasher was designed to commemorate 75 years of producing dishwashers. The limited edition machine features stainless steel controls and fascia panels with great detailing.

About the Miele Series

Since innovation and style along with fine engineering is what Miele is about, you can expect the best of form and function. The average lifespan of this European style dishwasher is around 20 years. With three dishwashing series: Incognito, Touchtronic and Novotronic, Miele offers numerous models for a wide variety of tastes and dishwashing needs.

Features included in all Miele models:

  • Top Solo - the ability to wash small loads in the upper rack thereby saving energy, water and time (only 3.2 gallons of water get used)
  • Cutlery Tray or Basket
  • Adjustable Upper Basket (rack)
  • Foldable Spike Design Lower Basket
  • Stainless Steel interior
  • energy star rated.

In some, but not all models, features include delay start time and child safety locks.

24" dishwashers:

  • Incognito Series - 12 to 14 place settings, 6 to 9 wash cycles, hidden control panel. Fully integrated design with choice of custom cabinetry or stainless steel. Includes curved handle design.
  • Touchtronic Series - 12 to 14 place settings, 6 to 9 wash cycles, features exterior electronic control panel. Consumer Reports Magazine likes the Miele G894SC, calling it, "excellent but pricey."
  • Novotronic Series - 12 to 14 place settings, 6 to 9 wash cycles, features exterior rotary knob control. Older unit.

For an 18" compact dishwasher, great where space in tight, Miele makes the 18" Slimline in both Incognito and Touchtronic models.

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