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Low-end dishwashers- You don't have to sacrifice quality!

Dishwashers today are designed to do all kinds of things including warm your plate. With all of the bells and whistles, otherwise known as features and options, dishwashing appliances have grown to perform better at all kinds of tasks. However, what if you're just looking for a machine without all of the fancy features: one that is inexpensive and capable of doing the #1 duty: washing dishes.

If this is the case, a quality low-end dishwasher, minus the frills, may suit you just fine. You can spend between $300 and $500 and find a number of good, low priced (basic) machines. Take the $330 Amana ADB1500, a Consumer Reports "Best Buy." This low -end model may not have a stainless steel tub, but it does do an excellent job getting dishes clean. And while it may not be the quietest dishwasher on the block, it's quiet enough, for the low price.

If you're choosing a low-end machine, don't sacrifice quality. Make sure to buy a reputable brand like: GE or Whirlpool. Other brands to consider: Frigidaire and Hotpoint. To get information, read consumer journals. Consumer Reports Magazine does a great job getting the dirt on appliances. They've got some great recommendations for low priced picks including brands and models.

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