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High End Dishwashers - Appliances for the Kitchen Remodel!

With the trend towards remodeling kitchens to a more open layout, many homeowners and designers are looking towards high end appliances that will integrate well into the new space.

Appliances like high end dishwashers are sound proofed with sound dampening insulation so you don't even know that they are running. And, along with not hearing the dishwasher running, an unknowing guest might not even be able to find the machine! Why? Because many of the top of the line models include a fully integrated design which conceal the controls; and, match the rest of the kitchen's cabinetry.

Note: another option to the fully integrated (hidden control) dishwasher is the partially integrated one. This style includes a control hidden in the door as well as a display outside: this visual display is convenient showing you that the dishwasher is on, and, how much time is left. Brands: Asko, Kitchenaid, Fisher and Paykel.

So, with the effects of camouflage and silence what more can a high end machine offer?

More design! Consider a slim fitting 18" Miele dishwasher for a tight spot. Another choice: the Briva in-sink dishwasher by Kitchenaid. For dishwasher drawers select from manufacturer Fisher and Paykel or Kitchenaid. These neat looking machines are fully integrated (hidden controls) and look just like drawers. Add an independent Fischer and Paykel dish drawer somewhere in the kitchen island for convenience and take up the slack of extra dishes from a large dinner party. These drawers give the homeowner a world of possibility.

Learn about features included in high end models.

Also see: Miele, Asko, and Bosch.

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