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GE Dishwashers Review

GE makes over 150 dishwasher models and has a number of different lines. You will find the high-end Profile Line to less bells and whistles in the lower-priced, Tall Tub Line. Somewhere in between is the Triton Line. How much do GE dishwashers cost? Prices range from $450 to around $1500.

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GE Dishwashers Reviewed in Consumer Reports 2008 Buying Guide

If you are looking to buy one of the lower priced GE dishwasher models rated in Consumer Reports Magazine, take a look at energy efficient model # GLD4600NWW and model #: GLD5900NWW. They particularly liked model GLD4600NWW for a low-priced dishwasher. This one, like the other one, provides very good cleaning overall. And, for many people this is the most important criteria. But, in this price range you will not find a dishwasher that gets a "very good" rating from CR for "noise;" rather, these models score "good" for noise. So what's very good? They are priced right for the basic features they include. Also, they are very "easy to use" and CR gives them an "excellent" score in this catagory. What features do these dishwashers include? A self cleaning filter. They do not include, however: hidden controls, adjustable racks or a sensor.

  • Overall score: Very Good.
  • Price range $450 to $510.

GE also rated and reviewed two of the higher-end Profile models. GE Profile PDW9900 and GE Profile PDW8600. These models include more features than the lower-priced models described above. Features may include sensors, adjustable racks, hidden controls and a self cleaning filter.

  • Overall Score: Very Good
  • Price range from $900 to $1300.

Repair History

General Electric dishwashers offer a good amount of reliability. This is a brand noted to have fewer repairs compared to many other manufacturers, by Consumer Reports.

However, if you are having problems with your current dishwasher, buying replacement parts can be a smart way to go. See Ge dishwasher parts.

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