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Dishwasher Parts - Buy for GE, Kenmore, Bosch and More!

If you are looking to buy parts for your dishwasher you are not alone. Even though a number of manufacturers make solid working dishwashers designed to be sturdy and not repair prone. The necessary repair does occur and if you have a good dishwasher, one that is energy efficient and cleans your dishes well, you're much better off trying to buy dishwasher parts to fix it than to spend a fortune buying a new one.

Buying dishwasher parts online

The majority of dishwasher manufacturers sell parts through independent retailers. You can buy parts for so many brands including GE, Kenmore, Bosch and Kitchenaid. We suggest buying your parts online because it's easy, efficient and generally speaking, will save you money.

Looking to Buy Dishwasher Parts Online?

Find all parts for dishwashers including:

Dishwasher parts: By type

To shop online you will need to know the appliance's brand and model number. You will also want to identify the part(s) you need to replace. Here is a list of many of the dishwasher parts which make up your machine:

  • motor
  • float switch
  • lower wash arm spray tower
  • lower rack
  • upper rack
  • rinse aid dispenser
  • detergent dispenser
  • timer
  • door latch
  • inner door panel
  • heating element
  • wash impeller
  • upper rack support door spring
  • leveling leg


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