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Dishwasher Drawers - Thank you Fisher and Paykel!

Introduced into the dishwashing marketplace by New Zealand appliance manufacturer Fisher and Paykel, dishwasher drawers are hot! With an eye focused on style, these high end drawers, which can be purchased as one or two, have captivated kitchen designers and remodelers alike. According to Consumer Reports' Dishwasher Buying Guide, Fisher and Paykel made it into recommend status, saying the dishwasher is, "very good, but pricey."

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Another manufacturer, Kitchenaid, followed in the footsteps of dishwasher drawer manufacturer Fisher and Paykel and now sells a double drawer set with the Kitchenaid label affixed. If you have other Kitchenaid appliances and are looking for a set of drawers you may want to stick with the Kitchenaid brand. The two drawers fit into the same size space as a 24" dishwasher.

Form and Function

Dish drawers have brought about a relatively new concept: if you have a small load of dishes, you can wash just one drawer independently. The popularity of this idea led other dishwasher manufacturers to develop a feature that would allow standard size dish washers to run small half-load cycles, thus, saving energy and water. (Miele, for example, developed the Top Solo Feature for some of its' models. This feature cleans dishware on the top rack only, using a mere 3.2 gallons of water).

With the current kitchen trend of appliance integration, the dish drawer is designed to seamlessly integrate into cabinetry. Small and compact, a single drawer can serve as an additional dishwasher in the kitchen, or handle clean up elsewhere. Many find Fisher and Paykel's single drawer dishwashers convenient when located within a kitchen island or wet bar. At the bar, you can keep stemware and martini glasses clean, keeping the party going.

Fisher and Paykel Dishwasher

If you are looking to buy Fisher and Paykel drawers here is the lowdown:

  • You can buy a double drawer or single drawer dishwasher
  • Finishes include: custom (integrated); iridium, brushed, or EZkleen stainless steel; white or black
  • Each drawer holds and washes 6 place settings
  • According to Consumer Reports, the double drawer model DD603: offers very good loading flexibility, is easy to use, energy efficient, not noisy, and does an excellent job washing
  • Repair-prone

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