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For a 30" dishwasher buy a Dacor!

With a lot of dishes to wash it is critical to have a machine that has extra capacity. Many of the standard 24" dishwashers can handle 12 to 14 place settings; and with the ability to move and adjust the upper and lower racks, you can wash oversized dishware and platters when you need to. However, where maximum space is needed, a Dacor 30" dishwashing machine may be just the choice. Now, instead of being able to wash 14 place settings, you can clean up to 20; but for a hefty price tag!

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Is this large dishwasher worth it?

If the price tag were along the lines of a standard high end dishwasher, up around $1300 to $1600, the Dacor ED30S Epicure 30" Dishwasher might seem reasonable. However, although the price tag is approximately $2,500, you must consider that this machine is capable of cleaning 20 place settings at once: worth it for some, you bet!

Does the Dacor's 30" dishwasher-features make it worth the cost?

  • 20+ Place Settings
  • Hidden Electronic Control Panel
  • Height Adjustable Upper Rack
  • 12 Hour Delay Start Timer
  • Secure Stemware Location
  • 8 Seven Way Adjustable Tines
  • Removable Split Silverware Basket
  • Triple Water Filtration
  • 158 Degree Sani rinse
  • Smart Cycles Sensor Technology (Tribidity Sensor)
  • In Line Water Heater
  • Fllor Guard Overflow Protection
  • Stainless Steel Tank
  • Exterior Cycle Indicator Lights
  • Superior Nylon Coated Racks

Presented with so much capacity, it's almost like you get two dishwashers for the price of one. However, you could do just that. If you entertain frequently or have a large family, having an extra dishwasher is worth considering. You can purchase an 18 inch portable or built in model; these machines can wash about 8 place settings. Combine that with a standard dishwasher and you can wash nearly the same amount as the Dacor. Of course you'll have to have additional room to add an extra dishwasher. If you don't have the space portable dishwashers are an excellent solution.

Another consideration is dishwasher drawers by Fisher and Paykel. These can fit into kitchen cabinetry, a kitchen island, bar area, or where ever you need one. These state-of-the-art dishwashers are a favorite of kitchen designers: very stylish. However, these too are expensive. Two drawers will set you back around $1200 and can wash about 8 place settings.

If price is a concern, but kitchen space isn't; consider putting in 2- 24" dishwashers. You can buy a quality dishwasher such as an Amana for around $330. Consumer Reports loves this machine! Without all of the bells and whistles, you'll be paying for efficiency. Of course, the Dacor 30" is still a tempting option!

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