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Countertop Dishwashers - Find out which brands to buy

With space saving convenience and a way to clean up a few dirty dishes, countertop dishwashers are a life saver for many! These small appliances (a fraction of the size of a standard 24 inch dishwasher) offer a convenient alternative to hand washing and can typically wash 4 place settings.

Those who might benefit most from a countertop dishwasher include: RV and Boat owners and people who have limited kitchen space with only a few dishes to wash.

Dishwasher brands available:

  • Danby, Vesta and Equator countertop: If you are looking for a counter model, brands: Danby, Vesta and Equator offer a 22 inch wide dishwasher-with-window so that you can peek in at your dinnerware. Danby's 22" wide by 17" high countertop is a very nice clean up machine and gets very good reviews at The model includes features such as: stainless steel interior and 4 place setting capacity. This dishwasher is also quiet and includes microwave styling. Equator's 22" wide by 19" high counter top dishwasher and brand: Vesta, also offer microwave styling. Find a Danby at
  • Haier countertop: For a slightly taller dishwasher with a slimmer table top design, Chinese appliance manufacturer, Haier, makes a 17 ¼"W x 21"H x 19 ¾"D model.
  • Carocelle countertop: For the most lightweight dishwashing machine of its' kind, the Carocelle counter top weighs in at only 10 pounds. It is also non-electric and hot water powered with 24 spinning jet sprays. This little unit looks like someones after-school-project, but from the testimonials on the Carocelle website, those that own one, love it. In additon, This little dishwasher is energy efficient and very affordable: good for an elderly person who has a hard time doing the dishes.

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