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Bosch Dishwashers - Reviews and ratings point to Bosch!

European appliance manufacturer Bosch really knows how to make a dishwasher! Bosch dishwashers have ranked #1 for six consecutive years with consumer publications.

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In 2006, Consumer Reports Magazine ranks the Bosch model SHU66 and model SHU43 (Note: SHU43 has been replaced with SHE44), number one and two out of 41 brands and models tested. Fourth place is the Bosch Deluxe SHX46.

What's exceptional about Bosch dishwashers is that these state of the art machines clean dishes very well. They are also known for being among the quietest dishwashers around. Each model features a stainless steel tubs, and self cleaning filter.

Integra and Evolution

Bosch manufactures two lines of dishwashers, Integra and Evolution. The Evolution line which includes a number of models in the 800, 500 and 300 series, accounts for the companies more affordable dishwashers (mid level- $$).

The Integra line, on the other hand, is Bosch's premier dishwasher line. This line also features the 800, 500 and 300 series. If you're looking for a Bosch with all of the bells and whistles along with styling, this is the line for you. (high end - $$$)

  • Bosch's Evolution Line - affordable when compared to the Integra Line, these dishwashers are by no means the cheapest on the market. However, when you're looking for a quiet dishwasher, energy star rated, great loading flexibility and very clean dishes: the cheaper brands and models can't compete.
  • And compete this line does. The Evolution Line includes the above mentioned number #1 rated dishwasher: SHU66. While this built-in machine has a lot going for it; as far as function is concerned, its form is not the sleek styling of a Miele, Thermadore or a higher end Bosch! Some nice features include:
  • Optional Top Rack Only™ Wash - This featue is great for those occasions when few dishes need to be washed. In addition, it allows you to save water and energy: reduces water usage by 30%
  • RACKMATIC™ - this feature makes loading dishes and platters of all sizes very easy. Raise the lower and upper rack without having to remove the dishes
  • OptiMISER™ - this feature saves you time by reducing cycle duration by up to 30%. It also saves energy consumption by up to 5%
  • Bosch's Integra line - features of this beautiful dishwasher line include a fully integrated design for sleek styling. (Controls are located hidden in the upper door) Several Integra dishwashers offer custom trim, besides the choice of stainless steel, white, or black. Custom trim enables you to cover the dishwasher front with a custom panel so that it will blend in with your cabinetry.
  • Of course Bosch's Integra dishwashers also feature many of the bells and whistles: loading flexibility with adjustable racks and tines; energy efficiency, stainless-steel tub, excellent cleaning ability and very quiet operation. Some dishwashing machines even include premium features such as:
  • PARTYWASH - wash 6 place settings in approximately 30 minutes: perfect for entertaining
  • Stainless Steel TALLTUB™ - provides efficient use of space. Top and bottom racks can be adjusted. If you remove the top rack, 22" of usable space is available
  • INFOLIGHT™ - a light beams onto the floor to let you know that the dishwasher is running. That's because the Integra Vision is so quiet, you may not even know it's on

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