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Asko Dishwasher - For those who love European Appliances!

Designing a dishwashing machine that saves water and energy while providing superior performance is what the Asko dishwasher is all about! A Swedish Company, Asko dishwashers are built to last. No skimping on features each dishwasher is equipped with quality parts such as:

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Top Picks from Consumer Reports 2007:

*Asko D3122XL -Cost appx -$850.
5 wash temperatures, up to 160 F, 4 wash cycles.
Excellent for Washing
Very Good for Energy Use
Good for Noise, Loading, and Ease of Use

*Asko Encore 3531XLD - Cost appx - $1,600.
6 wash cycles and 9 programmable wash temperatures.
Excellent for Noise, Energy Efficiency, and Washing; Very Good for Loading and Ease of Use


  • stainless steel: tubs, spray arms, and filters
  • dual pumps and motors
  • heavy felt padding and asphalt insulation
  • programmable controls

If you're looking for a high quality dishwasher, Asko is in a class with some of the best, including Miele.

According to, "Asko dishwashers are subject to buzz in the industry." People who like European appliances are certainly interested in Asko. That said, Consumer Reports Magazine stated in its' August 2007 issue that Asko is a repair prone brand. However, they rated the $850 Asko D3122XL with a very good overall score. The Asko Encore

D3000 Series

With the D3000 series (below), and the Encore companion dishwasher, a number of styles and options exist. Prices range from $699 to $1600

  • Standard configuration XL model: These are some of Asko's least expensive dishwashers. They feature recessed handles and standard controls outside, for people who like to see a fully visible display. 12 place settings. Available in: white, black, biscuit and stainless steel.
  • D3112 - 5 wash temperatures: up to 160 F, 4 cycles, this dishwashing model complies with ADA height guidelines. It also has a light that shows the unit's progress through the cycles
  • *D3122XL - 5 wash temperatures: up to 160 F, 4 cycles. *Consumer Reports likes this dishwasher!
  • D3432XL - 8 wash temperatures: up to 170 F, 6 cycles, 5 hour delay start, pulse wash, adjustable tines in lower basket
  • Fully integrated HD model: curved handle design in black or white; straight handle design in stainless steel. No custom panel options are available with this Asko model. A useful half load option allows you wash in either the upper or lower rack.
  • 3251XLHD - 7 temperatures, up to 170° F, 6 cycles, 5 hour delay start
  • 3531XLHD - 7 temperatures, up to 170° F, 8 cycles, drying options: short, normal or dry; upper cutlery basket, stainless steel only
  • Fully integrated FI model: dishwashers available in white, black or stainless steel with a curved handle design. Custom paneling option are also available.
  • 3232XLFI - considered the affordable fully integrated FI model. 8 wash temperatures: up to 170F, 6 cycles, 5 hour delay start 3251FI/3251XLFI - 7 temperatures, up to 170° F, 6 cycles, half load washing option
  • 3531XLFI - 7 temperatures, up to 170° F, 8 cycles, half load washing option, one of the quietest Asko models

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