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Dishwashers REVIEW

With the ability to thoroughly clean soiled dishes, dishwashers at all price levels have come of age. No matter what type of new dishwashing appliance you buy, from a state of the art Miele to the cheapest Maytag or GE, most will leave your dishes very clean. According to Consumer Reports Magazine, "most dishwashers will do a great job cleaning even the dirtiest dishes without pre-rinsing."

So how do you choose? Some consumers are partial to the high end European brands: Asko, Miele and Bosch. Others would rather scrimp on features and buy an affordable dishwasher without all of the bells and whistles. Others need space saving dishwashers and look to the selection of 18", portables, dishwasher drawers and countertop models. You can buy a dishwasher for as little as $250 or spend as much as $2,000. Much of the choice reflects the amount you are willing to spend.

About Dishwasher Repair

A good energy efficient dishwasher is worth keeping if it cleans well so if you're having problems try repairing it first. For more information about repair parts and where to buy online visit: dishwasher parts.

Dishwasher choices:

(1) 24 inch built-in: For styling, you can expect to spend more for a fully integrated stainless steel dishwasher with hidden controls over, say, a white one with visible display and recessed handle. You can also expect to pay more for a quieter dishwasher. According to Consumer Reports Dishwasher Ratings; Bosch SHU66 and SHU43 and Kenmore Elite 1626, were among the quietest machines.

To get you going on choice, take the time to carefully research brands. Read consumer journals that focus on large appliances. Consumer Reports Magazine puts out a Dishwasher Buying Guide annually and features standard 24" dishwasher brands and models. The ratings are based mostly on washing but also include: water and energy use, noise, loading flexibility, ease of use and cycle time.

To shop by brands remember that manufacturers like Maytag, GE and Kenmore have higher-end and low priced models. Miele dishwashers sell only HIGH END. And, brands such as: Fisher and Paykel, Kitchenaid, Bosch, Jenn-Air and Asko are also pretty much higher-end.

If you are shopping for affordability, you can find a good quality machine in the $300 to $500 range. And while this machine may wash very well, look fine, and be sturdy it will not include premium features, mostly basic. The idea: get the most dishwasher for the price you're willing to spend. This is true for higher-end and low-end models. Here are a few features that will cost you:

  • Quiet running
  • Adjustable racks; adjustable tines
  • Fine cleaning
  • Stainless steel tub
  • Integrated paneling
  • Hidden controls
  • Electronic controls
  • Special cycles: delay start, rinse/hold, plate warm

(2) Compact dishwashers: Although the common dish washing appliance found in most homes is a standard under-the-counter 24 inch model, smaller 18" and even portable versions are available for consumers where space factors and living situations call for more compact size.

(3) Portable and Countertop dishwashers: Portable dishwashers and countertop models suit small kitchens where an appliance is sought over hand-washing. Portable models come in 24" and slim 18" models. Countertop models are often the size of a microwave. Dishwasher drawers, a higher-end option, offers space flexibility and styling.

Many of these options can be built-in or remain moveable by using a special quick-connect faucet attachment when it's time to run the machine. All of the above options are useful; especially for those where kitchen space is limited such as: small homes and apartments, boats, RVs, offices and dorms.

(4) Dishwasher Drawers: High end custom kitchens, kitchen islands and wet bars are the architects favorite place to locate a sleek dishwasher drawer. These high end drawers integrate into a space, so you don't think "dishwasher." However, favorite brand Fischer Paykell is repair prone.

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